Features for Woodworking

Hey there!

Im just at day two of my trial period. Besides, I’m using SketchUp (which has tons of awesome plugins) and sometimes F360. So, I’m using 3D modeling mainly for my woodworking projects and 3D printing.

First question:
As far as I can tell right now, Shapr is very capable of creating decent models for woodworking. But besides a good model, what is also essential for me are the so-called cutting plans. A plan that tells me exactly how to cut a wood panel most economically in order to have as little waste as possible. This is important because wood is very expensive. For SketchUp there is the OCL - OpenCutList - a free plugin. With this plugin I can create such a list.

I am aware that this function is very special. And yet the question arises: Is something like this planned for Shapr?

Second question:
What I am also interested in is if Shapr will offer an API for plugins in the future. It would be a great thing if the already great community could push the software by developing plugins in addition to models and tutorials.

Are there any thoughts or plans for this on the part of Shapr?

A little bit of whining:
Even yesterday, on day 1 of my trial period, I had to realize that an important feature is unfortunately only available with the Business Plan. Specifically, the creation of technical drawings of my model. From the perspective of a woodworker, this is actually already a knockout criterion for Shapr! After all, if I don’t have a drawing with dimensions, what’s the point of having a great model? Very little. And US$ 42 per month is a bit expensive for a hobbieist. Here I would like to see a finer gradation of subscription plans.

Otherwise, I really like the macOS version of the software! It is fun to handle and use. A real pleasure. :smiley: