How to curve a flat model

Hi There,
I have a 8mm flat steel hatch plate I want to curve to various radius’s. Tried everything I can think of with no luck yet. I can make the plate curve on its own without bolt holes using the sweep tool, but I need the bolt holes to interact at right angles to the plate which is why I started with a flat model.

Any help or suggestions appreciated


Assuming you want the holes to be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the flat plate rather than a curved one:

To mark the hole positions on the curved body use the Project tool.
Use the plate as the sketch you will project from and the curved body as the face to project to.

To make the holes through the body, extrude the holes from the flat plate through the body. As simple as that. (When the extrusion reaches the body it should change itself to a subtraction tool and make the holes.)

If you are trying to make a curved plate with parallel holes, copy the plate when it’s flat and offset it away from the main body.
Then curve the closer plate.
Then extrude the holes through it as well as the body.

If you are trying to make the holes converge on the central axis of a cylinder, that will mean using the Subtract tool with the Rotate Around Axis tool.

You could duplicate the curve, Project the drawing of the flat plate to the curve and extrude it.

You could draw an arc, offset the arc, close the arc’s ends and extrude it to make your plate and then make the hatch hole and rivet holes.

Build your plate curved.

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Thanks for the suggestions, drawing the plate curved and then setting a construction plane parallel to face at point solved my problem. Appreciate the help!

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