How to draw on the view

How can I sketch on a view? like top view or bottom view? every time I try to sketch on a top view it ends up on a bottom of you what do I need to do to change that I’m new so lucky I can even get this far lol I’m having fun now took me almost my whole year membership to get going lol, I’m like new new my son started to help me but he got cancer and then I tried and kept going away cause it was confusing to me. Now I have progress!

When you initially start sketching it is usually on a view, whether Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Left or Right.
Here I sketched a rectangle from the Top view. After I extruded a rectangle, I double tapped on the front face. Now I can sketch on that face. Then I double tapped on the top face and sketched an ellipse. Hide the body and you can see the 3 different sketches in three different planes.Only the first sketch is on a View.

Thanks I forgot to mention I’m doing on a Mac not iPad what’s different?

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Yes it seems I can tap on top then it ends on the bottom. Maybe on Mac if I double tap on the view with my mouse…

They don’t have mac instructional videos that I know of on YouTube, if there are let me know where they are

There’s a fair amount on YouTube :sunglasses:

Not for Mac only iPad…

I stand corrected :sunglasses:

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On the Mac I finally somehow ran into how to do it while doing it, I have to hover over a face and hit the space bar…