How to export model to SVG

I am new here. I’ve been using SketchUp for years, but it now appears to be a mature product and it’s not receiving much attention from developers. Anyway, this may have been answered before, but I couldn’t find it. The help manual wasn’t… I have a very simple model with four cubes. I’m trying to export this as an SVG file, but all I ever get is one square. Is there some method for selecting which faces/edges are exported? I couldn’t find any significant export options for SVG.

Hi @RobHoglund,

If you are looking to export in SVG, please prepare the sketches you wish to export. The SVG format is offered in the Sketch Export tool which does not export solid bodies from the modeling space. In your case, the exported single square is the base sketch of the first cube I think. Could it be?

To export more sides, just project the faces to have a sketch of them that you can export to SVG. Feel free to share some more details about your model and use case, I’m sure we can help.