Reverse a rounder-over

I created a round-over using the chamfer tool. Left the app and now need to reverse that round-over. Reselecting the edge and trying to reverse does not bring the edge back to flat. Is there a way to do this that I am missing?

Try selecting the fillet edge and deleting it.

You tried undo and selecting the filleted face and deleting it?

Undo does not seem to work after you close and re-open the app. And deleting the face results in a “Wound won’t heal” error.


Could you show us a screenshot / video?

The chamferted/filleted face should be delete-able by selecting it and pressing delete, even after app restart. I suspect another face causing the issue with it.

This portion is 4 bodies aligned.

Here is the single body.

The left portion has a flat section just before the round-over begins, that face can be deleted. But when I try to delete the round-over and get back to just a flat face, delete fails.

I see, the problem is the multiple filleted faces, meeting eachother. That indeed cannot be deleted:

You can work around it by subtracting this part with another body to get the straight face you want, and offset it back to the correct size.

Perfect. Thanks!

Not sure if you tried this, but if you select all four chamfers first and then do the delete it might work.

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Yes, also works, as long as he finds all the related faces. Nice tip!

I’ve had to do what TigerMike said with some internal chamfers on an enclosure I designed. Sometimes you just have to keep selecting chamfers/fillets until the delete works.