How to fillet rectangle line

Hi! how can I fillet line rectangle easily? I want to make 10R coner
Should I trim after moving circle to the edge?

You are looking for simple rounding and trimming of elements like here in the video:

I also pointed out several times, Shapr3D has no such feature.
One solution is to draw a circle, align it twice tangent to both lines and then trim the circle!

Typically, when you’re modeling solids, the quickest way is to extrude the rectangle and then do the fillet on the solid.

  • Very often one only draws sketches for projections, since one does not make a body out of them.
  • Very often you find out when sketching that a construction does not work if you draw the sketch correctly from the beginning, with curves and chamfers, especially with fine mechanical constructions.

So yeah, these are features that really make sense and every other CAD I know has.

Yet, we are using Shapr3D because “all the other CAD programs” are inadequate…,

If the developers thought like you, Shapr3D would just stand still.
Luckily you think differently, as you can see from the many and constant updates.

You have more control over fillets on the modeling side than you do on the sketching side.

Check out these fillets: