Sketch tools for corner

Dear shapr3d
I have a question regarding sketching in shapr3d. I’m pretty new to sharpr3d, and have a bit of a hard time turning to the sketch feature, as I come directly from Rhino3D, which is very different.

In my work as (furniture designer) I make many round corners on my sketches, as I also use my 3d program as a sketch tool. But I found it very difficult / slow to make a radius on a corner in my sketches, as I am right now making a circle in the corner and cutting it to.

I have not been able to find some easy features online, so hope you can help?


Hello, currently we do not have a sketch filleting feature (as Fillet Curves in Rhino), the workaround is to create circles and trim them to get the radiuses

Thank you Peter

I will work on with this…