Exporting sketches

is there a way to export sketches and then import the sketches onto a new body? thanks so much and happy new year.

Yes, but if you want to work on the component itself, it is better to export it as a Shapr3D file and save it into the iCloud Files folder. Then open your next project and import the Shapr3D item. Then you can add subtract or modify the design as needed.

hey there, thanks for the quick response. when you say component in the shaper3d realm do you mean a body, shape or something else? I know what a component is in the everyday world but not so much in the shaper world. if you could clarify that would help tremendously. thanks.

For each of your designs, you’ll have sketches. You may or may not have bodies. Either way, export these a Shapr3D format into whatever location you’re using to save file. I use iCloud Files on my iPad. Open a new design page, and then use the import icon and then search for the Shapr3D file you saved previously. You can import as many previous designs as you wish. I typically call the designs I make components and save them by their name into folders in the Files feature of iCloud. When I create a new design, I can import those components as needed.