Copy a sketch or solid from one project to another

Hi, I have a very large design project of my house. To keep things simple I decided to sketch the kitchen units in a separate project. How do I import one project element into another project?

The very tedious method of exporting and importing.

Hi Peter,
For sketches, you will need to use .shapr files for export/import. That format includes everything, even if hidden and regardless of isolation.

If you have modeled appliances and like what you have and want to reuse them, you can isolate the body(s) of interest and export with x_t format. Then when you import the “refrigerator.x_t” file it will be in a folder. Any sketches will not be included in the export/import.

To move the imports, translate them into place. Of if it is a solid appliance, you can align the folder of bodies as one unit. I find that moving things to where they should be can be tedious, as @Oregonerd says.