How to insert inside?!

Hi guys.
I would like to know how to insert this shape edge to edge inside the cup.

Tools - Union. Select both bodies and OK.
Select the side face of the piece sticking outside the cup and remove it with the extend arrow.
Do the same on the other side.

Hi, @CadTamas helped to create the two short videos below to help you with this.
I see that the cup is an imported mesh body so you might want to recreate the cup in the app and then follow the first video to insert the other body into the cup.

If you want to continue using the mesh body, you can follow the second video to create a perfect fit shape to be inserted into the cup. The resulting body will also be a mesh body.

  • First, make a copy of your model
  • create the new body using the duplicate model
  • Then insert the new body into the original cup model



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Thank you so much!!!
I freaking love this forum!! :slight_smile:

You are welcome! Glad we could assist you :slight_smile:

Hi Victor,

I think you sent me this by accident.

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Onother way:
-Put a rectangle inside, with smaller side then the diameter of the cup bottom.

  • make the thicknes of the wall.
  • with the “replace face” tool you can connect the longer sides to the cups.
    And ready.
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One coment, after modifying the first side must union the wall and the “cup”. Then can be the second side replace face.