Missing bottom

So I pretty sure this as been covered many times and I’m sorry for that but maybe I don’t have the correct wording when I search for the answer (english is not my first language…)

I made that part but I forgot to make the bottom part and I can’t figure how to do it… I think I should have done it at the beginning but I was wondering if it is too late… Is there any tutorial on that or would you have any hint to help me ?

Presuming you want to add the bottom, Add a plane to the bottom surface of the object. Then Project the inner shape onto that Plane. Then you can Extrude that sketch into a Body, then Union the two Bodies.

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I must do something wrong … It doesn’t work :slight_smile:

@mrdindon using the extrude tool, select the end face you want to create the bottom/cap.
Extrude it to the thickness you want the bottom to be and select “new body” icon to make it its own part.

Then select the inner surfaces of the new extrusion and hit delete.

Edit: changed second step.

But there is no more end face, now it’s like a tunnel :

@mrdindon I changed my process in the second step above because of the object’s shape.

Here’s what I did:

Extrude the end as a new body:

Select the inside surfaces of the new body.

And delete.

Note, there are several ways to accomplish what you’re trying to do, this is just one way.

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Genius :slight_smile: thanks you very much :slight_smile:

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HI there,
I’d like to offer a shortcut and another way to add a bottom to your part. Normally one would add a plane to the bottom surface and sketch accordingly. Here’s a shortcut. In this case you don’t need to add a plane. If you double tap on the bottom surface, that now becomes a plane or surface on which to sketch.

Here I made a rectangle larger than the bottom and extruded the desired bottom wall thickness. Then I did a Union with the original body. After that it was easy to remove the outer bottom surface. The beauty of Shapr3D is that there are many ways to achieve the desired result.


Wow ! Thank you very much for taking such time to explain to me…
What a great community !


Bookmarked for next time :slight_smile: