How to learn Shapr3D version 2?

I’ve just started using shapr3D (2.0.4) and planned to learn it by mimicking on my ipad pro the Basic Sketch tutorial (Sep’ 2016, 17m) and the full-length tutorials as I watch them on my macbook. The behavior of shapr3D seems quite different from what I’m seeing in the Basic Sketch tutorial (e.g. no dimensions or angles are displayed as I draw, connected lines are deleted by segment rather than as joined objects, etc.) Is version 2 significantly different and is there a revised Basic Sketch tutorial in the works? Or a better way to learn?


Yes, unfortunately the basic tutorials have not been updated yet, but the full tutorials have been updated. I hope this helps, but we will update the short ones as well.

I’m a newcomer. Where can I find the full tutorials?
Thanks in.advance

Thank you very much!