How to make a groove 45 degree on curved path?


I am new here and I must to say that program is amazing. Here is my problem:

  • if we look from top I have piece 500x300mm (thickness is 6mm). One of corner has radius 100m… Now I need to make 45 degree groove all around 10mm from outside edge. Depth of groove must be 2,5mm… I can make straight line with tool extrude, but i dont know how to make groove on curved edge??

I hope that you understand my problem? :slight_smile:

Why not Offset twice from the Perimeter on the sketch to establish the groove? Then just push/Extrude the groove down.

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You use the word groove however your description to me sounds like you are trying to make a chamfer. If so, see below. If not, can you further describe or share a sketch of what you want to achieve?

Perhaps you can split that piece to make two 3mm thick parts. Then chamfer both edges on the inside to make your groove, then you can combine the two parts to make one solid piece again.

Good solution but won’t work for you in some models like this :point_down:

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Thank you for fest help! I solve the problem with subtract body 2 from body 1, and than hide body 2… I am new here so my answer is a little bit strange maybe :smiley:

I wish you all the best in 2022