Custom "chamfer" type cutout

Hi! I’ve been trying to create a custom profile cutout like a chamfer around the edges of an object (the gridfinity stackable profile), but I cannot make it work. I’ve tried extrusion, but it only works on the flat sides. Sweep doesn’t work either, the rounded corners make it fail. Revolve doesn’t work because it’s not around an axis. I just need to extract the profile from the object around all edges, including curves, any workaround for this needs? Thanks!!!

I think the way I did it was to extrude two square profiles, one the size of the base and one then size of the upper part, with the larger perimeter block stacked on top of the smaller block. I rounded off the corners using the Fillet tool. I then used the Chamfer tool to create the bottom chamfer and the transition chamfer.

I’ve attached the template file I use to create Gridfinity blocks, which includes the upper lip for stacking blocks on top of the one I’m designing. Unfortunately, I designed most of the template on the direct-modeling version of Shapr, so you can’t follow the history to see what I did.
Bin Base Template.shapr (308.7 KB)

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I recreated the base minus the magnet positions based on the official Gridfinity specs. Now you can look at the history to see how I constructed it. I used a combination of an additive extrusion and a subtractive extrusion to create the stack so that I could do it in the minimum number of operations.

New Bin.shapr (26.9 KB)

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Oh I get it, that’s a great workaround, make it by pieces :raised_hands:t2:
I thought there was an easier straightforward way to extract a custom profile from an object with a bit more complex shape. None of the automated tools work that easy on a case like this.

The profile should be aligned with the rail. Create a construction plane perpendicular to the edge that you are using for the sweep’s rail (make sure that it’s at the end vertex of the edge), and sketch the profile on that plane.

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I tried that, but doesn’t work either :man_shrugging:t2: the curved edges fail the same way. I’ll try again when I get home

Sweep should work but you’re starting it in the wrong place.

Add a plane and rotate it 90 degrees

Section view


Yeah, that’s what I tried the first time and didn’t work, maybe there was a bad shape or something like that, but now I started it from scratch and it worked well :raised_hands:t2: thanks!

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