How to make a rounded rim

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make a rounded rim for what will be a helmet model. I tried two methods but neither of them produced good results:

The first method I tried was to make a long loft using mutiple circle shapes distributed along the rim, but it seem like it’s pretty hard to control the loft interpolation, the width of the loft varies a lot.

The second method was to substract the rim from a similar base shape but since the cut was made with a sketch extruded from a side the curvature doesn’t respect the “surface normal” (I know these are solids and there is no topology and no normal, I’m just trying to ilustrate the problem).

Can you please advise? It’s a common challange I encounter, where I need something similar to “extrude along the spline” from poligonal or NURBS modeling. The issue is that here the splines are 2D so they cannot cover all the cases.

Looking forward to your answer.

You can use Sweep. Make sure the circle is perpendicular to the curve.


I drew a circle perpendicular to the edge and swept it


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Thank you guys! I didn’t know you can Sweep using edges, very useful!