How to Mark with a Tape Measure

Hi, I have just switched from Sketchup and I’m confused on how one might make measurement marks on a line. For instance if you had a 1meter x 1meter rectangle and you wanted to measure 12.7 cm on one one side so to make another line across the rectangle. how would you do that? Currently I’m just making a redundant line over my 1 meter line and that seems like an odd way to do it. Many Thanks


Yes!! They need a tape measure tool it’s ridiculous!

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Shapr3D’s workflow is different from SketchUp’s workflow. In Shapr3D you can position entities using sketches and constraints. We are working on measurement improvements, but the measurement tool in Shapr3D is not designed to position entities.

Thanks Isvan, I’m just a beginner but I do find that having a measured point I can quickly start a new line from is very handy. cheers

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