Feature request - tape measure with guides

I really like the tape measure tool in sketchup and I think it would make a nice addition to the shapr3D tool set. I primarily use tape measure tool to create guides at precise distances; this feature comes in handy in many different ways.

Currently I use the line tool as a substitute for the tape measure tool, but this also add to the work flow. That’s something that wouldn’t happen with a dedicated tool.

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Just select the edge which you want to measure and the dimensions will appear at the bottom.

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Thank you for the reply but I’m aware of this function in shapr3D, and it’s not what I meant by a tape measure tool.

I’m looking for a tool the will allow me to place guidelines (like in photoshop or illustrator) at precise distances. For example the guidelines would help with layout.

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I’m with Casper, a similar tape measure tool as in sketchbook would be a terrific enhancement in Shaper3D.
While there are work arounds in Shaper3D to find a dimension of a line, tape measure tool is sooo…nice when doing design and layout.

Love Shaper3D on my IPad.

Now measure from the corner of the block to the edge of the roundy part on the other body (quickly and easily please. (Hence the need for a tape measure). :grin:

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Oh and an angle measure as well. Reference lines that don’t affect the drawing would also be stellar.