Measure / Tape and push pull to match a surface

Is there a tape measure function? That would be super helpful also pushing and pulling a surface to match height / length of another surface would make a big difference and lastly having automatic division points in lines or the ability to divide Lines would be great.
Another is when drawing a line to be able to hover over an endpoint of another line and automatically match the length of the hovered line.
Oh yeah, and the ability to lay guide lines and erase them would be super super helpful, snap-to guides are pretty standard in most programs.

If any of these features are available please leave a reply and let me know how to access them.

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None of this features are currently available in the 2.2.6 version (currently in the App Store), but we have been working for a while on the 3.0 release, which will contain the following features (If you want, I can send you an invite to beta):

Selections info: After you select any shape a Selection info will pop up, which will contain the most basic quantity, radial, angle and distance infos. Here’s how it looks for a face:

Construction axes: We will also add construction line features. You will be able to add planes, axes, that can help you through the modeling

The other features are something we don’t yet support


That would be great I’ll happily use the beta version and provide data for you to improve the software. I’d also like to know if at sometime you’ll create a centralized place we can upload drawings for the community to use as components. I have created hundreds in SketchUp I am in the family entertainment business and have drawings of more than 75 games and entertainment equipment and the full spectrum of restaurant equipment. I’m not sure if you can convert these files for your purposes, but because I plan on using your software exclusively for future projects I’ll have to recreate many of these objects to populate my models and I’d like to give everyone access upon completion.



These models are scale one is 5500 sq ft and the other is 43,000 sq ft and all components in them are scale as well to within 16th inch.


Here’s an example of the type of games I’ve drawn.IMG_0005


Great designs. It would be really useful if you could share your work with others.

We use this forum for sharing creations. There is a separate Category for sharing the creations:

Start a new topic here for all your designs and one can follow it :slight_smile:

Also, I sent you the beta :slight_smile:

This is how you can measure objects in Shapr3D: