How to mirror extruded body parts?

In my model I have two sockets with a hole ta the bottom of my NeXTcube min case. I would to have both at the same position, but at the top of the case. Is it possible to mirror them, so I don’t have to draw them again?

Thanks in advance.

Try selecting the lines that make the feature you want to duplicate and projecting them to the top face where you want them?

Nice work, lots of detail in there :+1:


Thanks for that advice. However, I found “my own” solution by cutting the sockets from the two faces (vertical and horizontal) so they became independent bodies. Then I mirrored these bodies to the top. Afterwards I selected all and unified them again. :smiley:

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A little video please?

Hey @Breakin,

this is just quick and dirty. Maybe it isn’t the perfect solution, but for me it worked. Hope you can reproduce it. :smiley:


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One way to,do it below