How do I mirror this highlighted section?

I want to replicate this as a mirror to the other side of the model. It took me awhile just to figure out the measurements to get it right. I’m not sure I could replicate the process again without taking an insane amount of time. I figure there has to be a way to do this.

As you can see, I was going to try some sort of ‘intersection/subtraction’ idea but when I try to extrude the rectangle from the construction plane, part of the model disappears. It’s like it’s not ‘union-ed’ to the rest of the body, but when I try to union that part, it acts like it’s already union-ed, and ‘disapears’ when I extrude. Weird.

Hi,this is for you.

Thanks for the reply but that is nothing close to what I am asking for. I need to copy/mirror the design from one side of the model to the other.

It is recommended that you take a look at the mirror operation video on the official website.

Hey @DragonDon, the intersection/subtraction idea is a great starting point, let me help you with the Boolean badge that switched to subtract as your extrusion reached an existing body. Here is s short video of it:

If a sketch is extruded into an existing body, we expect the workflow as an intentional cut into the existing body. No worries, it can always be changed by tapping on the small blue badge and changing the default boolean to new body on your case.
After creating a new body that covers the detail you wish to copy, just apply the Subtract tool and subtract the existing detailed body from the freshly extruded box while setting the Keep Originals option to Removed bodies. That way you’ll have the original body untouched and a body that accurately sits in the shape you wish to copy. If you mirror the smaller body with the detail to copy to the other side and subtract it, you will have your detail successfully mirrored.

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Have you tried creating a plane at the midpoint of the object to use as a mirror plane? That should do what you want.

That is ultimately what I ended up doing. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the vid.

In an unrelated note, how are you getting the Apple Pencil to show up? I’ve never seen it show on my screen recordings.

Don, go to Settings. Scroll down to Shapr3D, then turn on Show touches and pencil. Then close and reopen the app.

I’m sorry, scroll to where? There are no other options beyond what you see here.

Oh….setting of the iPad…….got it

Don, iPad Settings. Not within Shapr3D.

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

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Thanks for the reply, I ended up figuring it out.