Copying Elements that don’t form a valid body

In the screen shot I am going to attempt to attach to this, the horizontal partition, has 2 dados marked into them. I want to have the exact same dado, in the underside of the top, in the exact same spot. On complication is that the top and the partition are different lengths, and this is why I want to make sure the dados are copied/translated/replicated exactly.

I am pretty sure there is a way to do this, but I am not sure what it is.


Create a plane on the underside surface of the top. Select the line edges of the dados and project them to that plane. Finish the 3 lines to make a rectangle in sketch mode and then extrude cut.

Another way would be to extrude the bottom of the dados (using “new body”) up to the top and subtract them from the top. In that way you have your dados and partitions.

Thanks. I’ll give these a try tomorrow.

Here’s an easy way to add two dados above. Use the Project tool.


Thanks for that tip. I have used it many times already.