How to move line freely?


It will disappear in 90% of the cases. We will be close to reading your mind :slight_smile: Adding the arrows is the first step in that direction, and more will come in the upcoming months.


Great but, please keep it not released for the old users until its maturity to cover all the 90% cases (months of waiting is not nice).


Change can be difficult because we can sometimes overestimate the value of what we have and underestimate the value of what we may gain by giving that up… :sunglasses:


That’s correct. In general, human beings are notoriously bad at handling change (including myself of course:)) Recent example was when Instagram A/B tested a horizontal/vertical feed, and users started to freak out, because they had to start swiping from left to right instead of bottom up.


This mental source of this kind of behavior is not related to the current case. This is not useful just to experience two arrows and a box to do just a displacement and wait for major useful changes for months in the expense of clutter more a noisy environment in designs with many details. So we’d rather have some comfort until the whole feature matures. If we were not open to new ideas we’d not say welcome to Shapr3D, dear buddy.


That’s not what I meant, all I am saying is that humans in general are sensitive to all kind of changes.


Releasing the entire thing at once would lead to a lot of dissatisfaction, as it would impact basically everything at once. Our experience is that such changes are better to be introduced incrementally, even if it’s sometimes not clear at the first sight why a specific change was necessary.


Hamed, I thought you might appreciate this bit of FYI … I was in a 5 way partnership with the development of the Boneau Stent. Michael Bonneau and Simon Stertzer to name drop. Anyhoooo this was all accomplished without the aid of computers. As my old bud would say, what did you do before computers? Shapr3D is a great program from what I can see and if it didn’t change anything I would be more than content doodling this or that or designing this or that…

I don’t know who said he who never made a mistake never made a discovery but there’s a lot to that statement?

Let’s Rock and Roll 2019!!! :nerd_face:


While simultaneously appreciate your approach, I’d choose not to update the app until, the feature reaches its maturity. I can’t think of wrestling with those big arrows with a button inside when I’m struggling with a pretty complicated and enough noisy sketch.


I’ve been appreciating Shapr3D team for its revolutionary product since 2016. That’s just my strong belief on this specific issue.


I‘m curious how things will develop…

When watching old tutorials things seem to be more intuitive than now in my latest version.
And I can definitely say that I‘m not used to the old behavior since I‘m a new user.

Cheers Chris