How to move line freely?

When I try to move the single line, it’s create another single line and can’t drag that line and move freely?

Now I studying tutorial video “Editing Sketches”, but it’s didnt tell that.

I selected the line and turn to light blue (selected condition) but still draw new line.


Hi - we are experimenting with different versions to help users better use the app. You have one of those experiments, as moving lines happens with the arrows (along the x and y axes) or with the square when you move it along both axes simultaneously.

You have the same app, just with this minor experiment (the reason why your experience is different, than in Dennis’s video)

I tried to select the line and lift the pencil then place the pencil and drag the line but still draw new line.

Now I’m using IPad Pro 2018 and checked Shapr3D Ver. 3.6.1(3814).

Yes I’ve not seen these arows yet!


Did you understand @Kuri ?! It’s enough to use that white square or those white arrows to move the line to your desired location

That’s right I think it was better to test that feature in beta and then use it for all but not as an official release.

Plus, I don’t like that feature. It seems to be redundant.

Thank you for your advice.

Once I delete application and install again, don’t appear that arrow anymore.
Maybe I setting…?

Hi - not a setting. As previously mentioned both versions work, we are testing out different methods to help users get started.

Hi Hamed - this feature test is specifically for new -users, not old ones, thus beta would be irrelevant. We wanted to have a statistically significant test we can act on - this was the best way.

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Hi Daniel,

Got it!

Wish best of luck :+1:

Hi Daniel,

I‘m one of the „testers“ and strongly hope that even I as a newbie can use the normal method quite soon…
The arrows and boxes are annoying!

Cheers Chris

P.S.: And I strongly (!) second that you don’t have two different versions of your app in circulation, since help from veterans is the point which gets you related to a program not online documentation or videos…
Just my 2ct… CD

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I agree it’s redundant and annoying. (Makes noise especially in more complex designs)

Actually soon everyone will get the arrow version, even existing users. It might take some time to get used to it, but it will allow you soon to do much more with the pencil, without using tools.

It is true. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. For new users it’s much easier to use.
  2. You don’t have to deselect a face or sketch filling before sketching on it. Also, you don’t have to deselect a sketch or a point before starting a sketch from it.
  3. All tools will be accessible with the Pencil, without tapping on a button or using a menu.
  4. More push/pull options, eg. setting the draft angle of an extrusion without going into the Extrude tool.

That’s true, but significantly reducing the tool time adds a lot of value. What if your modeling can be 10x faster? Does that worth a little clutter? We think so. What if new users can become much more successful in a shorter period of time? That also worth a little clutter. And it’s a bit unusual for a day or maybe for a week for existing users, after that it doesn’t make much difference for the existing functionailty.

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We’ve intentionally designed it in a way, that your muscle memory doesn’t have to change for push/pull interactions, because after you select something, we put the arrow right under your Pencil, so basically it’s the same kind of gesture you have to do.

That’s true, because we haven’t updated the video tutorials until it goes live for everyone.

I’ll like the sound of getting Shapr3D in 10X faster mode! :smile: but only if it’s going to work in that way and if the need to select the menu( not just the push/pull one) disappears.
Let’s try and see what happens!