How to reset the plane move/rotate axis initial zero location/angle to follow the plane's position/rotation in the world?


I believe the image (below) explains everything, but just in case: I need to move/rotate the plane having its initial ‘0-0-0 location/rotation’ as the plane’s current location/rotation, not the world coordinates 90 degrees related. Is there any way to make this ‘zeroes reset’? All I can imagine at this moment is an axis, then another one, then another 2 planes, then rotate over this last plane, but it’s too much, assuming I need to do that for each letter.

Appreciate the help.


move the center part of the translate/rotate in order to touch the plane you want to move/rotate : it will change it to the local plane coordinate.

CleanShot 2024-04-11 at 22.14.07@2x

Here is an example on a simple body. See how the orientation of the arrows changes when the center part is in contact with a face of the body.


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Hello, wow, thank you, I was clicking this dot multiple times and was trying to play with it as much as I could, but did drag it.
Follow-up question
Is it possible to keep it in the exact center of the pane? I mean when I drag it, I move it away from the exact center, but I would like to keep the ‘rotation center’ exactly in the middle (50%/50%), without moving it even a bit.
Anyway, thanks a lot.