How to segregate sketches of DWG files that are imported individually?

I have a question regarding importing different DWG files into Shapr.

For example, I have two DWG files, one for an exterior wall and one for a series of interior walls.

1st I imported the exterior wall. I wanted to assign a name to the resulting sketch lines and keep them separate from the sketch lines that will be created when the next DWG of interior was are imported. This should allow me to more easily identify one of the two sketches if I have to make a design change later on.
How can I do this?

As you can see in my model that includes both DWG imports, both sketches got merged.
House Floor Plan v01 (Main Floor).shapr (75.5 KB)

I assume I must have overlooked a step during the import process.

Unfortunately, my original DWG’s are not allowed to be uploaded to this forum to use for testing, so the next best thing (I hope) are two Shapr files that were created by importing those DWG’s. If the DWG’s are required for testing, then let me know how to provide them.
Exterior Walls created from DWG import.shapr (9.8 KB)
Interior Walls created from DWG import.shapr (18.3 KB)

Can someone give me step-by-step instructions and/or a video on how to segregate the sketch imports in the Items Manager?

Thank you,

Hi @jsc,
Currently, every sketch element placed on the same plane is considered to be a part of the only sketch group that can be placed on a certain plane. If you create a new line on the same plane, it will be added to the sketch group that is already existing on that particular plane.

If you wish to segregate the sketches, please place them on different planes. In this example, one sketch on the floor-level, and another one on the ceiling level could work.

Thank you for the clarification!
Do you know if there is anything in the works to alter this behavior ?

For example, when importing a CAD file to automatically put the Sketches into a folder which has a name that is the same as the imported file?

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