Request: Separate sketches when Importing DXF

Doesn’t matter if the first imported sketch is hidden or renamed, the second import will merge into the first.

Please try the following files one after the other in the same design (had to zip because dxf can’t be chosen when attaching files from iPad).

Importing them as separate designs works as expected. (158.0 KB)

Gears generated from excellent site: Spur Gear Generator DXF – Evolvent Design

Now that I think of it, this might not be a bug since the sketches are in the same plane?

However, I think they should be separate when imported, named after the file (like the first one).

Hi @swebal, currently all the sketch elements placed on the same plane are treated as one single sketch. When you import two different files onto the same plane, they will be merged into a single sketch, you were right. To prevent this, please move the sketch you’ve imported first upwards or downwards just a bit.

I thought so, I’ll change the title since it is now wrong.

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thanks for changing it :slight_smile: