How to set an angle

I have a circle plate and need to place 3 bolt holes in it 120degrees apart. However, I absolutely have been unable to figure out how to set a specific angle for anything. Ie: I want to insert a line that starts at origin and moves outward at 120degrees.

I am loving this application but angles are kicking my butt at the moment.



So I got it done by adding some lines and setting their angles then placing my circles over the lines after setting the proper angles. Is this the proper way to do this or is there a better way?



Hi @Cybercrypt13 Welcome to the Forum😎

You obviously know some of this, everything is included for the benefit of those less used to S3D.

Tools > Sketch > Circle > to create the ‘Plate’
If you do this using the Z Axis as the centre it will avoid the need to add an Axis later.
From the Centre of that Circle Sketch a second Circle representing the intended Pitch Diameter of the Bolt Holes. Alternatively Sketch a Bolt Hole, centred on the Grid, as shown:

Transform > Rotate around axis > select the Bolt Hole > Next > select the Z Axis:

Hit the little + Icon > move the Double Arrow in this case 120º > Done:

Repeat again for the third Bolt Hole:

When it is not convenient to use an existing Axis learn how to Add > Construction Axis in the manner appropriate to your requirements.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:.

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I guess this is my main issue though. I create a larger circle as you suggest. I then create a smaller circle within the larger circles boundaries. However, I see no way to accurately position the smaller circle. If I select the smaller circle and then the origin of the larger circle it lets me drag it in and out but it doesn’t tell me what the exact location is, nor does it allow me to enter it. It only seems to want to show me the radius of the smaller circle.

When I select the circle and the point I get 2 tangent lines running off but have no idea their purpose or use. Again, zero data as to what the location currently is and no way to change it except to blindly drag.

I appreciate the instruction on rotating and copying though. That part worked awesome.



Ok, I did figure out that if I get into sketch mode and instead of selecting the circles I select the center point of the smaller circle and then the center point of the larger circle it does let me specifically set it. So making progress…

However, one more question along this line:

  1. I set the 2 circles in place.
  2. I rotate and copy to get my 3 holes in the plate.
  3. I extrude the plate to get my 3D part.
  4. I then need to tweak the hole locations. I don’t seem to be able to select anything any longer unless I go back to the sketch by hiding the model. However, after tweaking and then turning on the model again, it no longer matches the sketch. How do I regenerate the model off the new sketch changes? Or is there a better way to deal with this?



You already have the answer, though you can Increase/Decrease Diameters in a similar manner to Removing Holes completely, if it is worthwhile doing so:

Then form the Holes again from your Sketch.
It may be easier just to Hide the Body, create a New Body from the modified Sketch and if that is OK delete the original Body?

A quicker alternative to Transform > Rotate around axis is Transform > Move/Rotate.
If you have many Sketches to copy around a circle:

  1. Select the Sketch to be copied

  2. Position the Pivot Point of Move/Rotate to the Centre of Rotation

  3. Select the small ✚ Icon

  4. Drag the Double Arrow in the appropriate direction

  5. Lift the Pencil, if the # º is incorrect Tap on the Number then Type In the correct value

  6. If the value is correct, or after correcting it, drag the Double Arrow again

  7. Repeat as required

This is a partial video of the above:

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