How to set the mesh density for export?

Hello, the mesh exports are very heavy. There is a high density of the mesh. Can we adjust the density of the mesh like in Rhino? I did not find this function in Sharp.

Thank you for your answer.


On Windows this is not available yet, but on macOS and iPadOS there is a setting in the export dialogue. It is coming soon to Windows as well.

Thank , I see on my Ipad.

Hello, I looked in the parameters, they do not allow to manage the density of the mesh.
Below is the OBJ export: 56mb for the mesh.
The density is too high to work correctly in texture software (Stager Substance or Keyshot for example).

15mn later :slight_smile:

After researching the on site, one person has already responded. This is a feature that is not available at this time.
To come maybe ?