Feedback: OBJ Export

Im just testing the OBJ export procedure using the subscription trial.

I made a food processor pretty quickly as part of the test. Im quite happy with shapr as a modelling tool.

So I exported it out and bought it in to 3ds Max.
The mesh itself without the wireframe turned on is nice.

However, there is a deal killer…

Poor topology - Topology and meshflow is probably most important when it comes to art for games/augmented reality, VR etc. We use alot of low polygon meshes, the lower the better while keeping a nice mesh flow and using the least amount of polys possible.
The topology is so poor that remodelling would be the only way forward currently as I cant use any poly reduction techniques to clean it up in a timely manner…

Vertices are unwelded.- Not a huge issue as verts can be welded with a couple of clicks.

I realise I am probably a minority here being a 3d hard surface artist for games and corporate simulations, but I do feel that Shapr3d has the potential to be a modelling package for hard surface game modellers, if this exporting procedure can specify a certain number of polys or at least keep the topology as quads not triangles.

I will be honest, For me to be able to use this product and consider paying this would have to be addressed.

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@Daniel_Shapr3D What do you think to this daniel.
Do you think shapr will be improved on the export side of things?

Thanks for the feedback. We have heard this feedback before, and we will see what we can do. There has been some discussions on the topic.

Quads are not possible at the moment, we will see what we can do in the short term with triangles and nr of polygons.

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Ah Cool. Yeh polycount and a clean up of topology would be awesome. It’s funny how extra verts are created when things like that blender cup are so straight.

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Has there been any changes to the obj export settings at all?
Polygon count control and better geometry on export are the main points.
Or any plans for it in the near future?? Is literally the only thing holding me back from a subscription.

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Bad topology when exporting assets to Blender/ZBrush/SubstancePainter/Unity is one of the biggest things that made me cancel my subscription to shapr3d. Looks like it still hasn’t been dealt with.

It’s too bad, because this is an amazing app.

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Hi Nathan
Happy new year.

Since I made this post, they did actually improve the obj exporter and it does do a much better job of topologising meshes. They did the update a month or two ago. I tried it and the results were decent.

It does triangulate the mesh, it does a medium density export and there aren’t any export settings yet where you could choose a poly count, but still…


Any developpent for export obj to blender 2.8 ?
Poor topologie and meshflow

As I posted above, exporting improved a lot.

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