Exporting OBJ


In the pro version, I notice that you can export as an obj.
Is there any way of controlling the amount of polys/detail when you export to obj? Or does it export as is?

Let’s say you make a machine and you want it under a certain polygon limit. Is there any way of setting that?

Hi - no, it’s not yet possible, but has been suggested previously - will share it with the team.

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Hello. @Daniel_Shapr3D
Has there been any changes to the obj export settings at all?
Polygon count and better geometry on export are the main points.
Or any plans for it in the near future?? Is literally the only thing holding me back from a subscription.

You’ve came back the best time :slight_smile: We tweaked the export a little bit, and now there will be less polygons.



Ah awesome, is there any way I could look at an exported obj mesh to see the quality of its topology?

I would try the trial… but I’ve used it up.