How would you make this detachable?

So I am trying to attach this bottom piece to the main body. I can’t thread it like a screw because the shape, due to the way sweep worked on the main piece, is slightly elliptical instead of a perfect circle. So I was thinking a snap in sort of mechanism? I would need to be able to take it off and on but that means there needs to be a button or something you squeeze. Also it could be made out of a different, more squeezable rubber material but just wanted to get some opinions here.

You can do a screw-in end cap if you like. Increase the wall thickness at the opening where you want it threaded. Move the threaded end cap into the tube and do a Subtract. You will now have a female thread on the opening. Want clearance? Duplicate the male thread, make it oversized and then do the Subtract.

Another solution- make the end cap a bayonet fit onto the tube. Push in and rotate.


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Gonna try that last suggestion thanks for the idea!!!