How would you make this?

Hey all,

So how would span this gap? I can’t use splines for sweeping.


What do you mean by span this gap?
Do you want to connect the two halves with a body that is the width of the gap?
If so, can it be straight across, or, do yo want it curved to match the two halves?

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Yes, I want to connect the two halves, but not straight across. You can see that I drew curves that I was hoping to bridge. In Rhino your would patch, network surface, bi-rail sweep, loft with G1 G2 control.stumped as to how you would do this in Shapr? Thanks for you help!

Is there a Blend tool?

No Blend tool.
Are the two halves or bodies solid so that you can Extrude them together, like this?

Another method that also might work is to us Replace Face.

Hey a Thanks TigerMike!

Well, I was able to move in those face until a point and then it stopped. Go figure!

Yeah I thought if replace face but then it won’t be symmetrical. Hmm.

FWIW, try this. Zoom in real close at that smaller gap and try to offset face again. Sometimes this works.

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Thanks again for your help! So I brought the faces as close as it will let me and the I did a straight loft. The remaining gap was reduced enough so a straight loft will be okay. :grinning::+1:t2:

…next I wish Shapr had a variable chamfer and fillet option.:grinning:

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Very helpful video.