Join two sketch lines into 1 - possible or not in 2023?


I’m trying to follow a course on making an aircraft in Rhino3D, which of course requires some creative thinking to translate it into Shapr. Currently I’m stuck on the Fuselage - the process I’m using is drawing four guide lines for the sides and the top/bottom, plus adding sections to some places to keep the loft circular. How do I do that? I create two ellipses, as the sides are mirrored. I then cut off half of each ellipse, making one shape. There comes the problem - is it possible to merge these two half-ellipses into one line? Currently, when it’s not that way, it creates a “step” between the bottom half and the top half.

Thanks in advance.

If the lines are connected, you can select them for loft guides or as sweep paths, if they form a closed shape you can also interact with the enclosed area.
Can you please share how joining the curves would help?

According to your description, if there is a step between the bottom and top halves, the mirrored parts may not be tangent to each other, or there is a gap somewhere. Could you share some screenshots?

Thanks for the reply,
in the meantime I tried to export and once again import the sketches - I though it may join them into one shape. While it didn’t join them, the steps are not present anymore. It would still be nice to have the ability to join two sketch shapes into one.

Hello again,
I am now trying to loft the body of an F/A-18E jet fighter, but this is the result. My theory is that if the curves were one, this wouldn’t happen.

I see, but I’m not sure joining the curves would be a solution in this case. When you join curves in Rhino, the number of control points and their distribution remains the same. Actually, when you select the enclosed area of a closed loop or select connected curves after each other, you get almost the same result in Shapr3D.

In your example, please create guides that connect the cross sections and select them when applying the Loft tool to get more control over the lofted shape.