How would you snap these sketches perfectly in the corners?

Hey all, I’m still having trouble with sketches to this day, they just don’t seem to work the same way my brain does. (shut up!)

The first issue I have is those smaller sketches I’ve drawn within the larger rectangle, when I was making them using the rectangle tool. So I started by just making a rough rectangle and was then going to adjust the x,y manually. Trouble is you can adjust one of the axis, but then the dialogue for the other just disappears. Then you have to Exit Sketching just to tap on the other axis and adjust that. It doesn’t seem intuitive to me.

The second issue is I would like these smaller rectangles to fit flush in all four corners of the bigger one. First I tried dragging them from the centre point, but they don’t snap into the corners like I thought they would. So then I thought maybe it I take the corner point of one and drag it over the corner point of the larger rectangle it would snap to it, and it does. The trouble is it then just rotates the smaller rectangle. If I then try and grab its lower point it will rotate THE ENTIRE SKETCH. I’m just confused.

Any help would be great.

Hi Tom,
If you were to constrain the little rectangles with horizontal/vertical edges then translate the corner point to the large rectangle corner point, I think you’d get what you want.

My approach is different. Instead of drawing little rectangles and moving them, I would do an edge offset of the large rectangle, trim the unwanted portions. In this video, I lock the size at the end primarily so you can see the dimensions.

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Well your way looks a ton easier to me. I will probably use that method.

But just so I can actually learn some more, how do I constrain the horizontal/vertical edges of the little rectangles?

Okay so I just selected all sides of the sketch and chose this horizontal/vertical from the right side menu, then when I dragged the corner point it moved the entire rectangle!

All done

Good job!! Constraining the H/V really doesn’t have to be done, but if you find your stuff rotating, it can help. Here is a short vid on moving your sketch to the corner with translate.


Thanks for all the help Bob really appreciated

You are most welcome.

Or drag and move a corner to the biger rectangle corner,
Then click on the ather corner on same side, then coincidence with the biger rectangle side (click on the side, and the coincidence tool) or just turn the second corner to the side, the sign of the coincidence will appear. The coincidence very helpful tool!