I can’ t understand why I’m not able to extrude

I did this outline in sketch mode joining two half (one have been designed and the othe half mirrored from the first).
Then I cannot get this outline extruded. When I tap on it it never get filled in blue with the up arrow.
What am I missing and how may I get around this issue?

There is likely a small gap somewhere. Perhaps your mirroring line wasn’t exactly on the edge of the first sketch? Or the first sketch has a tiny gap.

What I do is select the sketch and see if the entire line is highlighted. If not, and I see another portion of the line not highlighted, this leads me to suspect that intersection where the two lines meet.

When mirroring, I usually draw a line between the edge of the original sketch. I use this to mirror, then deleted it. This ensures I mirror without a gap.

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I had a center line too that I erased yet. I’ll try to perform a continuity check.
Thaks for helping

Draw a line across your sketch, the highlighted part is closed. Continue this method on the on the rest of the parts. Then zoom in on the suspicious part of your sketch.