I seem to have locked up most features of screen

I have created a model to 3d print. But I seem to have locked the buttons on the screen.

All the “buttons” on the main screen around the edges wont do anything. The button and the text change size when I tap with the pen but don’t do anything. The menus don’t appear, I can’t open the help or get the send to give me the send menu.

I can still draw a circle or line and the side menu appears with it. But the buttons in those don’t work. Delete, Trim etc don’t do anything.

The image can still be rotated by finger etc. The object can still be selected by double tap etc.
But none of the menu buttons do anything.

Anyone have any idea how or what I’ve managed to lock and how to unlock it and get my buttons to function again?

Hi John,

Please reload the app/restart your device and let me know if the issue persists.

Thank you for your understanding!