Top Left App Buttons Become Non Functional

This happens to me all the time but not when I try to reproduce. I export a drawing then I try to leave the drawing so I can go into a different drawing and export it but the buttons at the top of the screen stop working. I have to kill the app then open it again.

Here is a video where I am pushing the button in the top left corner but nothing happens:

Steps I tend to follow when it happens

  1. Open a design in S3d
  2. Export as STL and airdrop to Mac computer
  3. Click the background of the drawing to get rid of the destination picker
  4. Click close to get rid of the export dialog
  5. Click the Designs button

Notice nothing happens. I just tried it a bunch of times while writing this but could not reproduce. I almost always do that flow after a longer drawing session so maybe I missed some important step.

When the app is in this state the “import”, “export” and “back to designs” button do not work but the “Help” button does.

To get out of this state I kill the app and then re-enter and all works well again.

Hi, can you tell me please the version of Shapr3D and iPad OS you are using? We have seen some issues where buttons became unresponsive because of Assistive Touch. Can it happen that you have the feature turned on?

AssistivTouch = Off

Shapr Version: 3.56.1 (665) #5c39311c

IPad software version: 14.3
Model: iPad Pro (9.7 inch)
Model Number: MLQ62LL/A

Please update Shapr to the latest 3.56.2 version and try to reproduce the issue. If it still there, please send us a screen recording to

ok I will give 3.56.2 a go.

This just happened again on the latest version of the app. I will send a screen recording as requested.

Just made a follow up email with steps to reproduce the issue.

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Hmmm… My beta version that I always open with TestFlight seems to be stuck at 3.54. What to do? Thanks



The version you have access to in Testflight is independent of the version in the AppStore. It depends on who our research team gives access to.

Would there be some risk to files by going back and forth between beta and production version? Would hate to lose my work…



Hi Tommyn,

Yes, there is always a bit of risk involved when using the beta. e.g when we make change in the .shapr files’ structure, the older (production) version might not be able to open the file, until the change is released to production.

Personally, I suggest always using the production app for work, and beta app to test/play around with the new features, but never do “serious” work which might need to be presented to others / used in the production app.