Ideas to convert OBJ or 3DM to import into Shapr3d

I am wanting to use some designs in various formats like OBJ or 3DM with Shapr3d. Obviously I can’t import directly and I know there have been plenty of requests for that to happen. This post isn’t for that (although that would be great). I have tried Freecad, Blender etc… and am just banging my head against the wall. What are others using to make this happen? Any help is appreciated.

Try Fusion 360. I use it all the time to convert STLs to solid bodies and then clean up the flat faces by selecting a triangle on the face and pressing delete.

Thanks for the advice. Any less expensive options out there anyone can think of?

Hi Justin,

PrusaSlicer is free, and imports 3mf and OBJ (and other formats) files then export as STL. Shapr3d can import STL, but you cannot edit these mesh bodies very much. You can move/rotate, scale, pattern, and usually do Boolean operations: union, subtract and intersect; but you cannot do things that need a face or edge to operate, like extrude, offset, fillet, or sketch on surface, and most of the other Shapr3d tools.

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Thanks for the info. For this specific purpose, I am wanting to do a subtract so this may be the perfect solution. Thank you!

The free version of Fusion 360 does the job quite well.

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