Identifying constraints?

Does anyone know of an easy way to quickly identify which constraints are preventing an adjustment in a complex sketch? If not, does anyone see value in a feature request to briefly highlight (maybe red, flash, etc) all of the constraining parameters when they prevent you from making an adjustment? It’s not end of the world, but I think it would help speed things up for me. Thanks!

Hi @z-axis Welcome to the Forum
Ensure that Show Constraints are switched on
Constraints are indicated by an appropriate Badge
Tap o a constraint and a Delete badge will appear

Gelphyn, thanks for your reply. I’m aware of the ability to view all constraints. What I’m really after is a way to quickly identify which specific parameters/constraints/locks or chain of them are preventing a particular adjustment from being made, especially in highly constrained sketches where it may not be obvious which ones are ultimately involved.

That is what we have to work with at present.
You will have to review the situation and decide what action to take. As you have discovered this can be irritating but it is possible to achieve.
Planning ahead and further knowledge of using S3D may help to remove the need for making most troublesome adjustments unnecessary.
Breaking a complex Sketch into smaller Files will reduce the number of Constraints needing to be checked, but introduces the need to Import Files to complete the final Sketch.
Your suggestion to Colour the Constraints, that need to be resolved, echos a suggestion I made previously.