IGES imports can not be edited

I imported some IGES drawings of some parts that I’m working with. I was hoping to modify them by re machining them, it appears currently that Shapr3d does not allow editing of IGES imports.

I was able to modify the IGES imports on my Desktop CAD app and then import into Shapr3D.

Modifying an IGES drawing could be a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe a switch could allow modifications of imported files.

I now able to edit IGES imports. YIPPEE! I’m importing PVC components from McMaster-Carr website. I’m able to drill holes in a 90 degree 1/2" elbow, and slot the ends.

Use McMaster-Carr for the many available CAD files. For example, If you need any kind of FASTENER in your drawing, don’t draw it, it too much work. Let McMaster-Carr provide the CAD file. It’s FREE.

I was a raw newbie in Shapr3D when I made the first post. Sorry for any confusion.