Step file editor

I know this is out of the norm.

I have imported a STEP file and cannot edit it. Can you suggest a free STEP editor that I could use to remove some parts from the drawing. I have added a copy of the file in case someone can assist,

Many thanks



Working with imported data is always problematic. Actually Shapr3D is one of the CAD systems that does a pretty good job with it. What exactly would you like to achieve?

In general I would like to make a modification to the imported STEP file that I provided as an attachment. It appears the file was “grouped” when saved making changes impossible. I have tried FreeCAD and AB Viewer 14 with no success. I even tried SolidWorks cloud app but could not import the file for modification.

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You can edit the file with all the available modeling tools in Shapr3D. It is quite a good-quality file, however, it was merged into one single body before or during the STEP export flow.

Please contact the designer for the independent parts, reexporting it without merging the elements is the fastest way I guess