Image trace with multiple layers, then import into Shapr for extrusion, etc

I have a PNG image that was built with multiple layers. I want to trace each outline as a separate image, then import into Shapr3d to do extrusions on each layer, separately. I can’t figure out the best tool to use (Affinity Designer?), and then in what format I should convert it to to preserve the layers. It’s almost like I have to save each layer separately, but then when I try to recombine them, the sizes are off. I’m trying to create a topographic map of a place that does not exist, so I can’t get a map off Google or anything. Any idea on what tool I should use to trace, save in separate layers, then what file type I should convert to that will preserve the layers once I import into Shapr?

I can’t tell you anything about tools, but you’ll need to get the outlines in DXF or DWG format to import into Shapr3D. They’ll have to be separate files and then you’ll probably want to use offset planes for import to keep each sketch separate.

Ok, thanks, I’ll give that a try.