How to extrude an image into a surface

I’m trying to use an image and essentially extrude into a surface to essentially make a stamp type item. How would I go about this.

Hi Fiefs20,
As far as I know there is no auto-tracing-feature available in Shapr3D,yet.
So you will have to redraw the contour you want to extrude along the edges of the image on the surface manually and extrude it.

Cheers Matt

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You may be able to import the image into a vector editing program such as Inkscape or Affinity Designer, auto-trace it, export it as a DWG or DXF, and then import it into Shapr3D to extrude…“may be able to” is the key phrase here, as I have never tried it, just have experience doing it in other programs.


Thanks! That’s actually helpful to know. I ended up sketching everything slowly in shapr3d, but it might’ve been faster this way.