Import PNG and extrude outline without re-sketching?

I am wanting to make cookie cutters (to use on clay for jewelry making). I have drawn out my design in Procreate as I find this easier. I have uploaded the file as a PNG with no background. Is there a easy way to extrude outline? I am wanting the outline to be 0.3 mm thick and 6 mm tall. Would like to have the wall angled from 3mm at the bottom to the 0.3 mm edge. Tips?
Thank you.

You will have to draw lines over the PNG. Unless your program can output to dwg. or you can use a 3rd program to “trace” the png to capture it in vector format.

The problem is PNG is a “Raster” format (made of pixels) and Shapr cannot extract meaningful information from that format.

DWGs are “Vector” format. Shapr can import some vector formats and translate them directly into drawings.

Lookup the difference between raster and vector to help understand the 2 formats and their limitations They are at the foundation of all computer graphics.

Thank you. I will look into the information you have provided. I can save my drawing as a SVG but it doesn’t look like Shapr3D can import that file type.

There are tools that will convert SVG to DWG or DFX. I am not up on Mac/ Apple as I am PC.

Inkscape is a solid free vector program. It can convert SVG to DXF.

Inscape can also trace bitmaps (raster images) IIRC.

Did a quick test on my macOS machine…and used an online converter:

Of course I had to try it with a pug outline in PNG (o;


And extruded 30mm:

and finally imported and sliced in PrusaSlicer 2.4.0:

But depending on complex shapes in your PNG it is advisable to import it into a graphic program and use it as a background and draw over it…that way you keep also the number of curves and control points low.

I use Affinity Designer on macOS for a similar task…like when I want to redraw from bitmap and use it on my cutting plotter. Think I started doing those tasks back then when Illustrator 88 was out :wink:


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Oh wow! Thank you for all the resources and help! I really appreciate it all…

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