Implement the standard Macintosh one-click software update mechanism

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The problem that this feature will solve:

Make applying Shapr Macintosh software updates less time consuming and disruptive.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

Conform to modern Macintosh norms for ease of applying software updates - reduce the time and manual process of frequent Shapr software updates.

All other professional (and other) Macintosh software I use (non-App Store software) makes use of what appears to be a standard Macintosh update mechanism (with frameworks from Apple supporting it, I assume, as they are all implemented essentially the same) that simply requires me to click on an acknowledgement that I want to perform the update. Then it downloads the update and performs the update. Period. Or, for software from the Apple Store, simply acknowledge the update and it also applies with no further intervention from me.

Shapr, on the other hand, requires me to perform an outdated manual Macintosh software update process: download the update file (with an auto-launch of my browser) and save it on my hard drive. Find it with the Finder on my hard drive. Then quit Shapr. Then throw the current version of Shapr into the trash. Then open the downloaded .dmg. Then drag the new version of Shapr into the Applications icon. Then delete the .dmg file (if I wish). Then relaunch Shapr.

Every single time there is an update.
(Then multiply that by your number of Macintosh Shapr users.)

I run Shapr every couple of weeks (that is the frequency with which I need to design parts). With the (otherwise appreciated) short update cycle for Shapr I can almost guarantee that each time I start a design I first have to interrupt myself to go through this manual update process; an update is always waiting. What should be a good thing (frequent updates) becomes an interrupting-my-workflow pain point. I just want to get my design done and print it. And frequently I am sitting down with a fresh design, and even some measurements, in my head that I then do/might lose. I have to turn to a piece of paper and start jotting down the measurements instead of getting quickly into Shapr to sketch them in. (Of course I could ignore the update, I assume this is not what Shapr would like to see happen and it isn’t what I’d prefer, wanting to benefit from improvements and bug fixes.)

If this were still the norm for Macintosh software…well then I guess it would be easier to accept with Shapr. But this is the (in my case, lone) exception; all the other software I run has moved on (years ago) to implementing the smooth one-click process – large software companies and one-person shops. This more modern process fully respects the software user’s time. I’ve been waiting for Shapr to implement it for years, resenting it each time I have to do the old-fashioned manual process instead.

Please implement the standard Macintosh software update mechanism so that we can fluidly apply updates and fully appreciate them, rather than experiencing unwelcome multi-step manual interruptions of our workflow with each update. I truly want to look forward to these updates as I do with other professional (and other) software. (And quite frankly, Shapr blows most others out of the water for frequency of welcome updates, which creates an irony, as what is a strong positive also becomes a constant irritant.)

Is this a workflow blocker for you? Is this why you can’t use Shapr3D for work? Is this slowing you down?

Yes. I use it anyway but notice the slowdown and “pain” of the update process. Yes.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

A quick open of Shapr to begin work on a new design. Instead there is frequently a three or four minute, multi-step interruption to download and install (replace) the waiting software update manually.

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I just found that there is a Mac App Store version I could switch to (connects to my existing Shapr subscription). This should sidestep the manual update issue with the direct from Shapr download version.


I think you are referring to the Sparkle software update framework. It is not an Apple framework, but it is so ubiquitous and frictionless that it may well be the de facto macOS software update mechanism for 3rd party apps.

Personally I prefer it over even the Mac App Store’s software update mechanisms. Sparkle can check for an update on every launch, plus periodically. MAS can leave me running an old version for up to a week.

Implementing the Sparkle framework would be terrific.

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I’m too pretty annoyed by the too frequent need to redownload the entire .dmg file, open it, quit Shapr3D, copy the new app over the old old, relaunch, accept the quarantine applied to all new downloads.
Sparkle is a terrific update mechanism, used for about 2 decades on macOS and yes, Shapr3D should use it.
The Mac App Store is painful to use and prevents going back to an older version in case of problem.

could you elaborate this? i think updating a software through the mac app store is the apple way in terms of user experience and i’m glad Shapr3D still uses that when more and more companies are opting out. i understand the limitations of sandboxing so i don’t expect all my softwares to use it but the softwares don’t do anything on the system level should be available in the mac app store imho.

I’m an Apple developer myself and yes the sandbox is still a major difficulty when developing macOS software. Shapr3D may be a bit more immune since it’s coming from the iOS world where the Sandbox has always been a compulsory.
Then there’s the App Store reviews that are very controversial (my own experience is minor updates have been rejected several times for very obscure and non legitimate reasons).
Moreover you’re completely dependent on App Store release schedules: sometimes the delay between publication and public release is short (2 hours) and sometimes abysmally long (24 hours or more). The App Store is world regions based so your software may not be available to users at the very same time (24h rollover) so you may communicate on a bug fix… that is not available to the other side of the world.
If you encounter a last minute bug, it’s difficult with the MAS to retire the download and replace it with the previous version. Then to patch the bug and republish in a very short time (you have to go through the whole review process even for a 1 line patch).
Shapr3D publishes a lot of minor updates. That’s their choice and it’s not bad at all, but they don’t have full control on the last chain part: the MAS, so an urgent version may not be published quickly.
With Sparkle, the update is very transparent and you keep full control on your versions, publication schedule etc…

I may switch to the MAS version if it smoothes the (too) frequent hassle of manually updating Shapr3D :wink:

OP here, I too have largely side stepped the problem by switching to the MAS version. I have had to wait for a couple of updates to appear there that otherwise were already available. Implementing the Sparkle Framework (as I’ve learned it is called, thanks) would be an improvement and I would switch back.

You don’t need to wait, only for auto-updates. If you go to the store, you can always update manually. Auto-updates are on a 7 day phased rollout.