5.20 - Shape-ups for easier modeling


We’re here to prove that good things come in small packages :rocket: Download the latest update today via Microsoft Store or Shapr3D’s website and pick up these perks. You just can’t put a price on convenience and efficiency.

  • Fixed: We did a little makeover so you’ll have an easier time reading the on-screen text and navigating the app.
  • Fixed: The Sweep tool sometimes refused to launch from the Tools menu, so we made sure the tool won’t misbehave anymore.
  • Fixed: Design with the mouse, error-free. If you’re using the Chamfer/Fillet tool, your right-clicks won’t trigger the tool anymore.

For a Shapr3d for windows update do I need to do a download each time from Microsoft Store or does it automatically update when being loaded.

Thank you

@Pascal Thanks for pointing this out. You’re right, the fix for sketch mode jumping didn’t make it in 5.20. It’ll be available in version 5.30!

The version installed from the Microsoft Store or using the button “Install from Shapr3D.com” upgrades itself automatically unless you specifically disabled app updates in your Windows settings.

The MSIX version does not upgrade automatically.

I had version 5.11 previously, and didn’t seem to want to update to 5.20. So, I un-installed 5.11 and installed 5.20 and logged back in. But, doesn’t show any of my previous projects. Are these stored somewhere on the computer hard drive? Or elsewhere. And able to re-sync. Thanks.

Sorry for the slow answer, I missed this somehow.

I’m afraid there’s no way to recover those designs at this point if you have not exported them manually :frowning: The Microsoft technology we use for Shapr3D on Windows (called UWP) creates a closed sandbox for each app which is completely removed upon uninstall. In most cases it’s a blessing from the users’ point of view – it improves your security and makes sure apps don’t clutter up your OS. But this could also result in situations like this: when someone removes an app, it also removes all its local data, much like how it happens on your phone. We are working on network-based sync & backup of designs to mitigate this problem as we speak. Until it’s rolled out, the best solution I can suggest is exporting designs in the .shapr3d format at important milestones – that’s what I do myself for my own designs.