Import a .shapr ignores groups content

Hi all,

First, thanks for this great app!

I noticed an unexpected behavior that when importing a .shapr file which contains shapes in groups, then after import all shapes always appear in the first group - so the previously created sorting into groups is destroyed.
I’ve uploaded an examplaric file, which has two shapes each in a group. After import all shapes are in the same first group.

TriQuad.shapr (412 KB)

Hi Anton,

That’s a good catch, thanks for reporting it! We will fix it ASAP.

I experienced the same behaviour when exporting/importing using XT format. Is this issue fixed for others formats or do we have an estimated date?

Shapr3D files can’t be imported to a folder! All objects are spread in top group. At least you could automatically select the imported items so that we could place them in a folder. And why can’t we import directly from current designs? We need to save to a file and then import.