iPad - 3.43, 3.46 3D import

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to highlight what’s new with Shapr3D!

Importing 3D models is now streamlined, so you can have a full view of the import process, spend less time reorganizing your imported model, and jump right into editing.

When you start the import process, you’ll immediately see a screen that shows what exactly is happening in the app: Parasolid transfer, geometry repair, tessellation, etc. If the import fails, we’ll tell you what caused the failure, so you’ll know exactly how to fix the problem and make the file import-ready.

If you want to import 3D models in STEP format, you can do so without losing the hierarchical structure of your original models:

  • In the Items manager, you’ll find a new folder named after your imported STEP file. This main folder contains the imported model.
  • The original STEP file’s structure and relationships of model elements are retained. So, that means bodies that are grouped together in the file in the same unit (assemblies, parts, components, etc.) are organized into nested folders in the Items manager.
  • Any empty parts or assemblies in the STEP file are represented by empty folders in our app.

Please note that if you export your Shapr3D design in STEP format, the assembly structures will not be preserved.


Thanks vey much for this information, you have probably made a lot of Users very happy.