STL Export to Sketchup Grouping Issues

I’m using Shapr3D to model furniture for interior design / architecture projects. We are having trouble using my Shapr3D .STL files in Sketchup. When we import a chair for example, none of the groups that I assigned in Shapr apply to the model in Sketchup. We tried the union tool to group objects, different color grading, and putting objects into their own folders to attempt to group them, but Sketchup doesn’t recognize these groupings.

In Sketchup, we would then have to click on the hundreds of different planes that make up the object in order to group specific parts together.

We are wondering how to easily export the Shapr model into Sketchup so that it is functional in editing/adding colors to these specific groups.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Update: I tried using a cad conversion software to convert the .step file which has all the correct grouping into a .STL file but that didn’t seem to work either.

Hi, STL stores only geometry related information, groups and colors will not be written in the file.
If you export the pieces as separate STL files, they will stay in the coordinate system what you can see in the Shapr3D workspace, so you do not have to place them again. However, they may be easier to treat independently if you put them on different layers in SketchUp.
Can it be a solution for your case?

Yes, we tried that. It’s a temporary fix for sure. I guess there’s nothing that can be done unless we had a sketchup modeler on hand.