Import .obj to blender 2.8

Hello i Try to export obj in blender 2.8 but topology and mesh flow is very poor i cant use m’y

création in blender
Anybody have the same trouble ?
How can i fix that?

Use remesh inside blender. But it is not the best solution. You still have lots of cleaning up to do. I have the same issue. In the end, I just give up on shapr3d and model on blender.

Hello @Lumberjack, Shapr3D can import mesh bodies and use them as a tool in Boolean operations. It also able to export into some mesh formats, but please note that it is not a polygon modeler software, the result you see in Blender is a result of a conversion process.
The polygons in Shapr3D are created with a specific tolerance kept in mind - the maximum deviation between the solid body and the mesh model. This is why there are so many polygons placed around the arc. On the other end, Blender makes polygons using as less data as it is enough to define that mesh body. What you can do is kind of a reverse engineering in blender, remesh the model or export them as primitive meshes before boolean operations and boolean them in Blender.

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